Important Things You Should Know Before Adopting a New Puppy

Important Things You Should Know Before Adopting a New Puppy

Cute puppy in the backyardSo, the whole family decided to get a new puppy. You are now probably looking for breeders online or planning to go to the nearest pet shop to check out some adorable puppies. While searching for the perfect pet can be fun and exciting, make sure to do your research about the breed you’re planning to adopt.

Having a Pet is a Lifetime Commitment

The first thing you need to understand is bringing home a new pet means a lot of responsibilities. From proper nutrition, daily husbandry routine to vet visits and even socializing is important to their health and wellness. As the saying goes, “all pets are forever pets.” If you cannot give them lifetime commitment, don’t adopt anything at all.

In line with this, you should prepare for daily or monthly expenses. Make sure you have enough resources to provide everything for your dogs. Other than food and supplements, you should also be ready for emergency funds. Some people even spend money for professional dog training in Utah. This is ideal for first time dog owners who are having a hard time teaching basic commands. It is also a good recreational activity for your pets.

Providing Proper Nutrition

Puppy with plate in front of himThis is one of the most crucial aspects when having a pet at home. The food and supplements you should give to your dog depends on many factors. This includes the breed, size and weight, age, and medical condition. For puppies age 2 to 5 months old, you may still need to provide milk. Keep in mind however that most dogs are lactose intolerant. To be safe, use puppy milk replacer products. Goat’s milk is another good alternative.

For bigger or heavy breeds such as English Bulldogs, Great Dane, Bull Mastiff, and German Shepherds, consider giving calcium supplements. These breeds are prone to bone or joint disorders such as hip dysplasia. Regular exercise is also important to improve their posture.

Other supplements you should offer are essential fatty acids or omega-3 and multivitamins. This will help strengthen their immune system, boost their appetite, and keep their skin and coat shiny and healthy.

As much as possible, choose high-quality dog food for your pets. Today, many breeders and dog owners are switching to an organic grain-free diet. This helps with weight management and can also prevent mites, which is one of the main causes of skin problems.

Socializing with your Pet

Another important thing you should always remember is that dogs love to socialize. Make sure you have time to play or bond with them. Otherwise, they may develop fearfulness in the future. They can also be too reactive or aggressive towards other dogs and even humans.

Simple things like walking them to the park or bathing them can boost their mood. You can also look for social groups online. Most of the time, they organize a walk and meetups with their furry friends. This can be a good recreational activity for them. Meet other responsible dog owners and get advice about the pet’s health and wellness.

These are just some of the things you should know before getting a new puppy. Again, always do your research and be familiar with their needs.