Increase Buyer Interest using Landscaping Services

Increase Buyer Interest using Landscaping Services

Apart from enhancing your home’s kerb appeal, landscaping can also impact the resale value of your property. According to statistics, landscaping is one of the top five factors that can bring a significant improvement to your property’s overall value.

Healthy Lawn

Studies suggest that a well-maintained lawn and a house with excellent kerb appeal can expect a price increase of about 6 to 7 per cent than houses with average landscaping. The majority of the buyers also refused to look at a home’s interior because of a poorly maintained lawn.

Improve the appearance of your lawn by mowing, fertilising, and watering it regularly. You can add more grass seeds to rejuvenate your lawn and increase the density of the grass .You can also hire gardening services offered by landscaping service providers.

House with garden and lawn

Water Feature

A pond or a water feature in your garden is a real delight for buyers. The use of water bodies can boost the colours of plants and flowers that you choose. A realtor research concluded that in-ground pools or ponds can increase the value of your property by 8 per cent.

Create a beautiful backyard by adding a bubbling fountain in your garden. A semi-circular pond or deck fountain provides an affordable way to make your backyard look special. If it is within your budget, you can choose to build a pond water feature or a small pool.

Increase the sales appeal of your property with landscaping services. Contact reliable landscaping services in Cookham to transform the look of your yard from ordinary to stunning.