Learn About Fire Ants and the Harm They Can Do to Your Household

Learn About Fire Ants and the Harm They Can Do to Your Household

large fire ants

Some pests are more dangerous than others are. A fire ant’s bite can be burning and sharp at first and will then itch on the next day and turn into a white blister. If a fire ant bit you, you would be fortunate if you only get one bite. The insects are vicious, and when something or someone disturbs the mound, they will attack en masse. You must avoid them when you can. For your household, the best thing you can do is prevent them from entering the property.

A harmful insect

There are two species of red fire ants –Solenopsis invicta and Solenopsis richteri. Both species originated in South America and now thrive in 13 states. They have a poison that stuns the prey allowing the tiny animals to overcome mammals larger in size, and with grave efficiency. They work in large groups, and when someone steps on the mound, they would not let up until the intruder leaves or is overcome. When they gang up on other creatures that have bothered their repose, they become ruthless very quickly.

Red ants have venom, and when they sting some people respond with a red patch—a hive, which may be accompanied by dizziness, and in some cases difficulty with breathing. Red ants are harmful insects. Some insects are useful, but others are venomous, destroy crops, and infest homes. Both harmful and helpful species coexist with us in this world.

Hive mentality–how the colony works

Some fire ants are reddish black, while others are reddish brown.  Some members of the colony may be small—about an eighth of an inch, while others are about a quarter of an inch in length. We must be able to deal with them with knowledge of their habits and behaviors. We must be able to protect our homes from the potential damage and discomfort them y may cause.

Fire ants do most of their work in the spring and summer, and they are active until early fall. Where temperatures are warmer, they are active year-round. The mounds of fire ants may rise about two feet from the ground, but some colonies maintain flat mounds that are hidden and not readily evident under some turf. You must consider calling for the services of a pest control company in Framingham to deal with them appropriately.

Watch out for an invasive species

isolated fire ant

Solenopsis Invicta or the red imported fire ants are considered an invasive species in America. They are not as easily dealt with as you would think, and that is why you must entrust them to a pest control company with a license that is valid on the state where you live.

Fire ants are dangerous, cause multiple stings that burn, and itch from the venom they produce and transfer to their victims. Many children have been found allergic to the fire sting bite. Some may manifest life-threatening reactions. They are dangerous to household pets as well. You must be able to protect your family from these harmful insects, and elicit help from the best exterminators in your region.