Pallet Racking: Safety Standards to Know

Pallet Racking: Safety Standards to Know

Racking System in YatalaHow are products and materials stored by businesses and companies? Racking systems are storage aids made out of steel or another metal. They also help in maximising storage space as well as in organising materials and products. You probably know all this already. You may already be using racking systems such as pallet racking.

Safety Hazard

Due to the large volume of storage such as racking systems store, racking systems pose a safety hazard. Faulty or flimsy pallet racks may topple over in an accident, and people in proximity may be crushed under the toppling racks. To ensure the safety of all personnel, regulatory standards are followed.

Personal Knowledge

Pallet racking suppliers, such as, always assure customers that what they offer adheres to the following regulatory standards. It may be good for you to know what these standards are, though. With your knowledge of safety standards, you may be able to better ensure the safety of your pallet racks.

AS 4084-2012

The first standard is the Australian Standard 4084-2012 Steel Storage Racking. This particular standard covers adjustable and static pallet racking. Such racking includes Selective Pallet Racking, Double Deep Selective Pallet Racking, and Narrow Aisle Selective Pallet Racking. The standard specifies the minimum requirements in pallet racking like design, test methods, maintenance, operation, and fabrication and erection techniques.

AS/NZS 4600: 2005

The other standard is the Australian and New Zealand Standard 4600: 2005 Cold-Formed Steel Structures. The AS/NZS 4600: 2005 establishes the specifications designers and racking manufacturers have to follow in producing racking systems. Although this standard is more applicable to the supplier side, you can still use the standard to make sure that, if you happen to be choosing a supplier, the supplier is following safety standards.

AS 1657-2013

The last standard is Australian Standard 1657-2013 Fixed Platforms, Walkways, Stairways, and Ladders. Basically, the standard sets down the specifications for the design of fixed platforms and other climbing instruments used by personnel for a racking system.

Knowing these standards, you can promote safety and security within your storage facility. You can demand your suppliers as well to adhere to such standards.