Proper Gutter Maintenance Steps Every Homeowner Should Know

Proper Gutter Maintenance Steps Every Homeowner Should Know

Most homeowners do not spend time worrying about their roofs, more so the gutters. The gutters, however, are an important part of your house’s roofing system. And if you do not take proper care of them, it could cost you a lot to have them repaired or replaced.

When your gutters need fixing or replacement, you can always turn to a contractor that provides residential roofing services in Salt Lake City. But before it reaches that point, you need to know some of the common gutter problems that plague houses. The following are the gutter issues that you should watch out for.

Clogged Gutters

This is the most common and the first one that comes to mind when people think about gutter issues. Clogged gutters will not drain properly and that can be a serious problem during heavy rains. They can also cause problems with your home’s foundation.

Leaves from the trees surrounding your property are the usual materials that cause clogging. You should stick to cleaning and clearing your gutters at least twice a year. But if there are a lot of trees around your house, you might want to do the cleaning more often.

Sagging Gutters

Clogged gutters can cause yet another problem. The weight of the debris accumulating along the length of the gutters can cause them to sag. So, you need to tighten the hardware that attaches the system to the roof. Sometimes though, the problem is that the hangers are spaced too far apart.



Leaking gutters are another common issue. The spaces between the materials that make up the gutter system can easily form leaks. It is easy to get patching kits so that you can fix it quickly, even on your own.

Knocked Down Gutters

Another common issue that you will have to face is a knocked down gutter system. This kind of problem usually happens during a storm when the heavy winds and rains combine. If your gutters are undamaged, then you can just rehang them, but sometimes you will have to replace some parts.

Gutters Not Properly Pitched

This problem is caused by builders who did not properly pitch the gutters. In order for the gutters to drain rainwater properly, they have to be installed at the right angle. You can tell if the gutters are not pitched properly and fixing them can be easy to do as well, at least for most cases. Sometimes, all you have to do is to bend them a little bit.

Gutters tend to be easily overlooked by most homeowners because that is how it should be when they work and serve their purpose. Just like with the rest of the roof, though, you will notice it quickly when your home has a gutter problem. You just have to know the common issues that cause damaged gutters and how to deal with them. So, do not forget about your gutters and make sure that they are working properly as you maintain the structural integrity of your house.