Props to PR: 3 of the Quirkiest Publicity Stunts to Ever Work

Props to PR: 3 of the Quirkiest Publicity Stunts to Ever Work

Props to PRAre you starting up a business and wondering how to get your target audience’s attention? Do you own an established brand and want to shake things up a little? Well, according to Sphere, a Melbourne-based PR firm, the best advertising solution isn’t always advertising. Sometimes, delivering a unique stunt is what captures the public and media’s attention and puts a certain brand in the spotlight.

Take a look at 3 of the quirkiest publicity stunts that actually worked. Hopefully, they would inspire you.

  1. Queensland Tourism’s ‘best job in the world’ ad in 2009

In 2009, the Queensland Tourism board posted a classified ad for the ‘best job in the world’, which is an island caretaker who will explore Queensland for six months while staying rent-free in an island villa. Applicants from all over the world contacted the board for the job, and the publicity has an estimated worth of $110 million.

  1. Uber’s ice cream delivery stunt in 2012

When Uber was just starting out, they had all kinds of problems that would constitute a business owner’s nightmare. They had regulatory issues, angry drivers and a backlash to surge prices. In 2012, they did a door to door ice cream delivery in seven American cities, earning them headlines and Instagram attention. The promotion is currently in its fourth year and is available in 252 cities around the world.

  1. KFC’s edible nail polish line in 2015

Just last year, KFC Hong Kong decided to make their tagline ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ a reality by creating a line of edible nail polish. Hey based their two polish flavours on the fast food joint’s renowned recipes, Original and Hot & Spicy. Needless to say, the nail polish features their secret mix of 11 herbs and spices.

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