The Ladder is Irrelevant with these Gutter-Cleaning Tools

The Ladder is Irrelevant with these Gutter-Cleaning Tools

Gutter Cleaning in PortlandMany homeowners in Portland use ladders when cleaning their gutters. While this is a popular and old approach, it can be time-consuming and extremely dangerous. Statistics show that 90,000 Americans suffer from ladder-related accidents annually. Interestingly, most of these accidents are related to working at low heights, for instance, gutter cleaning.

Arm and Prongs

An expert from Action Maintenance & Construction Northwest explains that this new and revolutionary tool for Portland gutter cleaning comprises of two prongs. You will probably get it under different brand names in the stores. The concept is the same: pronged arms are held on an extendable pole that can reach the gutters easily. The pole has a string for operating the prongs.

Rotary Cleaning System

This system can be combined with either a cordless drill or a garden hose. In other words, it allows the user to brush the gutters or simply spray them with water. The fun does not end there; the tool comes with a mountable bracket for holding a digital camera. You can take shots of the gutter for a thorough cleaning.


This is easily the simplest of all the gutter-cleaning implements. The tool has a pad to fit the exterior of the gutter. The applicator is relevant because gutter exteriors tend to accumulate dirt and grime over time. The lamb’s wool pad fits into most painters’ poles so the applicator is a very flexible solution.


This is the ideal tool for homeowners who just want to blast away the dirt and clog. It is a combination of a metal pole and garden hose. This tool comes with a simple trigger and three spray settings. Its removable mirror guides the cleaner during the cleaning process.

Anything that eliminates the need to use a ladder during gutter cleaning makes homeowners in Portland excited. The tools listed here should make gutter cleaning easier and more fun for you. Most of them are budget-friendly.