Homely Reasons to Take Gutter Cleaning Seriously

Homely Reasons to Take Gutter Cleaning Seriously

Homeowners value the importance of home maintenance. It makes the house more durable and long-lasting over the years. That ensures that a home preserves its value in the fluctuating property market. However, one of the neglected tasks in home maintenance is cleaning the rain gutters. Not only is this job risky if you’re inexperienced in home repair, but it also is a tiring chore for many homeowners.

As a result, many houses have failing rain gutters that can destroy walls and other parts of the house. If you are one of these homeowners, you could be putting your home at considerable risk. Some of the things that you could be risking by postponing cleaning your rain gutters in Salt Lake City include:

Flooded Yard

Garden yards add to your property’s curb appeal; however, it could be at risk of flooding when the house gutters clog up due to accumulated debris. The clogged gutters prevent the flow of water down the drain. When the water overflows, it goes into the yard and floods your garden.

Lower Your Home’s Value

The value of a home is a product of the state of the components in a home. As a result, when one area of a house is not in the best condition, it affects the value of your home negatively. The value of clean gutters is never more apparent as when you want to sell your house. Clean gutters improve your home’s appearance and lessen the incidence of water stains on your walls.

The Occurrence of Ice Dams

When temperatures drop during winter, water tends to freeze in pipes, rivers, and even roofs. So, you can imagine that even the water buildup in your roofs and gutters will freeze. Frozen water is larger in volume than liquid water. Therefore, when water freezes in your gutters, your gutters are likely to burst. Frozen gutters also pose a safety hazard in your home.

Pest Infestation

cleaning roof gutter

No homeowner likes the idea of pests and rodents living in their home. However, neglecting your gutters invites these unwanted ‘visitors’ in your home. Pests can build their breeding grounds in your gutter and slowly enter your home. Also, pests pose a health hazard to you and your family. Clean your gutters and eliminate the need to get a pest exterminator

Interior Damage

Gutters take the water that falls on your roof away from the house. However, when there is debris in your gutters hindering the proper flow of water away from the house, the gutters become non-functional. The water eventually gets its way into the house and cause stains on your walls. Over a long time, the water may cause cracks on your house walls which are expensive to repair.

Neglecting your rain gutters will do your home more harm than you think; both in the short and long term. Eventually repairing the damage will prove more expensive than hiring gutter cleaning experts. The next time when it is time to clean the gutters, call in the professionals to help you with the task. There are roof and gutter cleaning professionals in Salt Lake City, New York, Miami and even San Francisco that have the right equipment to do this job.