The purpose of a dental hygienist Richmond

The purpose of a dental hygienist Richmond

When many people think about oral health and dental procedures, they tend to think about the common ideas of what a dentist or dental practice is and the steps they need to carry out to obtain a high standard of oral health and hygiene. What many may not think about is the fact that there are other services offered at their local dental practice that are purely used as preventive treatments. If a patient can be placed into a position where they can prevent a dental issue from occurring, that would be much better for them and their oral health.

A preventive dental practice can help to treat the build-up of tooth plaque, gum disease and the development of bad breath by using dental techniques that are considered less invasive than receiving fillings or undergoing tooth extractions. One of the main reasons for using preventive dentistry is to stay off the need for a visit to the dentist to repair or remove a tooth.

When people think about this area of dentistry, they are thinking about the work carried out by a hygienist Richmond, who can be just as valuable as a dentist when it comes to the care needed to allow a patient to enjoy a high standard of oral health.

woman doing a dental procedure

The main duties of this oral professional

Once there is an understanding of the main tasks carried out by the hygienist, their value to a patient soon becomes clear, as these professionals carry out very different tasks to those of their colleagues who are known by other professional titles. Scaling and polishing teeth along with the application of topical fluoride and fissure sealants are seen as the main tasks carried out by hygienists. They commonly work within a dental practice, which is where most of their referrals will come from other professionals.

Giving someone fresh breath

Gingivitis and periodontal disease are two of the common causes of bad breath amongst adults living in the UK. By having these diseases treated and quickly eliminated, patients can obtain the fresh breath they desire.

Periodontal disease can be painless, meaning that a person suffering from it may not have any signs that alert them. If it is left untreated, periodontal disease may cause not only bad breath but also permanent damage to the teeth and gums that may create the need for intrusive dental treatments.

Having fresh breath is something everyone desires, as this makes them appear to take good care of themselves and gives people’s partners a nice experience when they want to be intimate and kiss.

Cleaner-looking teeth

When someone has teeth that look very clean, it will always create an attractive image for others to see when they are exposed when smiling. However, the teeth can be stained easily by coffee, certain types of food and smoking. The hygienist may be able to help clear the teeth of stains via the use of specialised pastes and equipment, giving the patient clean teeth and the smile they have been seeking.