Simple Hacks to Make Your Bedroom Look Stylish

Simple Hacks to Make Your Bedroom Look Stylish

Stylish BedroomMost home decor magazines have enticing glossy pages that most people first examine, just to get an idea of the type of apartment they would like to buy and renovate. While some people are much concerned about the living room, bathroom, kitchen and pavements, others pay too much attention to the bedrooms.

In fact, they even modify them in different ways to get maximum relaxation from them. They use different simple ways to make their bedrooms look spacious and luxurious. If you want to improve the look and feel of the 3-bedroom apartment you recently bought in Brisbane, then let this article help you.

Add a Beautiful Tray

Adding a beautiful nightstand or tray to your dresser top is one of the easiest ways of giving your bedroom an expensive look. You don’t actually have to buy a costly tray from a premier shop. Just buy a cheap tray and spray it with silver or gold metallic paint. Place all the items such as the small collectibles, perfume bottles and jewelry spread out on your dresser top in the tray. This will not only make the bedrooms look spacious, but also elegant.

Create a Blanket Statement

Nothing could add immediate style and elegance to the foot of your bed than a thick, plush throw blanket. Don’t set your mind on the cheap, microfleece number, which you bought just the other day. That may just be good for cuddling on the coach, as you watch your favorite program on the TV. If you want to make your bedroom appear expensive and stylish, get a throw blanket made from velvet, faux fur, silk, velour or fuzzy wool. And instead of choosing a crazy pattern, just stick to a subtle design, solid colour or an animal print.

Use Stylish Lampshades

Fraying, stained, faded, old or plain lampshades don’t look expensive at all. In fact, they don’t only make the bedroom look ugly, but also annoying. Finding interesting, attractive and brand-new lampshades at affordable prices is not hard. Giving your bedroom an expensive touch requires you to look for lampshades with metallic accents, enticing pattern or even those that are rich-hued. If you want to add a fun touch to your bedroom, get lampshades rimmed with decoupage, pompoms or faux flowers.

The condition of your bedroom may determine the quality of relaxation you would get after a busy or stressful day. What your eyes see determines the images formed in your mind.