The Secret of the Florists: Five Tricks and Hacks for Easy Flower Arrangements

The Secret of the Florists: Five Tricks and Hacks for Easy Flower Arrangements

FloristMaking a flower arrangement could be a challenge for beginners and non-florists. But for a smart flower enthusiast, there’s no such thing as complicated in terms of creating wonderful arrangements. Here are some smart flower arranging hacks and tricks that make the work easier and prettier.

Cut stems at the right angle

There are a few secrets to making your flowers stay beautiful and fresh for a long time. One technique is to cut the stems of your flowers at the right angle to allow better water intake. Seasoned florists in Kalamazoo, MI shares the stem must be cut at a 45-degree angle, one inch from its tip.

Add vodka and sugar to your vase

Another floral trick to long-lasting blooms is to add a teaspoon of white sugar and several drops of vodka to the water in your vase. This should delay wilting. When they start to show signs of perishing, add some more drops of vodka to keep the stem straight for a couple more days.

Create tape grid

It could be a challenge keeping flowers in place when using narrow vases. Make a grid across the vase using clear, waterproof floral tape so your blooms don’t fall out of the container. A simple Scotch tape is a great alternative to floral tape.

Go crisscross

The trouble of keeping your flowers in place also happens in bigger and taller vases. A good trick is to have the stems arranged in a crisscross manner. It also helps to add other branches in your vase to serve as a support. It can be a twig or a fresh branch from a tree in your backyard.

Decorate inside your vase

To give your arrangement a different character, wrap a large leaf around the inside of your vase. This will not only conceal the messy stems soaked in water, but will also give your vase a different look.

Next time you’re creating a flower arrangement, you know what to do. Keep these simple yet effective tricks to come up with beautiful work minus the fuss.