Soups: Giving You That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

Soups: Giving You That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

Warm SoupYou usually have a bowl of soup when you’re in bed, stuck with a cold or when it’s served as an appetizer before your sumptuous dinner.

Fall is fast approaching, which means the winds are colder and nights are longer. This is the best time for hot food and beverages, but instead of going for your usual cup of joe from a nearby Starbucks, why not have a bowl of homemade chicken soup – low sodium chicken soup if you’re watching your weight.

There’s more to soup than giving you a warm fuzzy feeling with every spoonful.

Soup Helps with Weight Loss

Want to get full faster? Have some soup, as it is ideal to have at the beginning of a meal because it provides more water and fewer calories. Ever wonder why you feel halfway full after a big bowl of soup before the main course? Also, it’s a great way to incorporate vegetables into your diet.

If your intention is to lose weight, make homemade soup instead of buying canned ones, as they have preservatives that may have adverse effects on your weight loss.

Flushes Toxins from the Body

Do you ever wonder why your parents give you soup whenever you are feeling under the weather? Soup usually helps with constipation, as it is high in fiber and it’s easy to digest. Its liquid aspect helps with the flushing away of dirty toxins from the body. It also helps with congestion, especially when you have a cold, providing fluid to thin out mucus and prevent you from dehydration.

Best Use for Leftovers

Got frozen veggies and prepared broth in the fridge? Soup is a great way to use your leftovers because you can make them with anything and it can easily adapt to your tastes. Plus, you can prepare them in under an hour.

Don’t stack up on coffee cups during the cold season and start looking for different recipes for soups instead. It’s more affordable than your usual brew, plus, you’ll get to savor new flavors every time you experiment.