Dying Furnace: 4 Signs You Need a New One

Dying Furnace: 4 Signs You Need a New One

Signs You Need a New Furnace in ElkhartKeeping your home healthy and comfortable means having a safe and an efficient heating system. This is why it is as important to know when the system is giving up. The average life expectancy of furnaces today is between 16 and 20 years, but it may show signs of slowing down if it needs frequent repair. A furnace that has incurred several breakdowns in the past two years is a clear sign that you need a new one.

Here are few a signs that you need you need to buy a new furnace for your Indiana home:

High Gas and Electric Bills

The increasing prices of gas and electric products and services are not the only ones to blame for high bills. An old and inefficient furnace may need to work harder and run longer to give the right amount of heat, causing your bills to go up. This is especially true for more-than-a-decade-old systems, particularly those that don’t receive proper maintenance.

Compromised Comfort

An efficient furnace can properly distribute air to maintain comfort. If some parts of your home feel too hot or cold, it is likely that your furnace is slowing down. The same is true if you always feel the need to adjust the thermostat to keep your home comfortable. In this case, it is much better to buy a new one to avoid compromised indoor comfort.

Strange Noises

When old furnaces are nearing their end of life, they start to make strange noises. These may include popping, rattling, banging, or squealing noises. Another sign that your furnace needs replacement is the sound of the blower running excessively. Buying a new one is also necessary if the blower turns on and off frequently or release cold air sometimes.

Stuffy or Stale Air

Old and efficient furnaces can’t do a good job in cleaning and moisturizing the air in your home. It is also likely that it can make indoor air feel stale or stuffy. A slowing down system can trigger an allergy, as well as flu-like symptoms. Other signs of slowing down include furniture cracking, dust accumulation, and musical instruments that are out of tune.

Don’t let a dying furnace negatively affect your family’s health and comfort. Buy a new one and enjoy the benefits of an efficient heating system.