Gas Furnace Troubleshooting Before You Call the Repairman

Gas Furnace Troubleshooting Before You Call the Repairman

Furnace Repair in Salt Lake CityThere are a number of potential reasons as to why your gas furnace might not be working. What many homeowners in Salt Lake City do not understand, is the fact that many of the solutions to these problems are as simple as pressing a button.

Before you pick up the phone and call for professional furnace repair services, Action Plumbing suggests going through these 4 troubleshooting tasks to see if you can solve the problem yourself and save money.

Step 1: Check the power switch

Ensure that the power switch to your gas furnace is turned on. This switch is usually located inside or next to the furnace cabinet. If the power switch is not turned on, then turn it on and patiently wait for the whole furnace system to engage.

Step 2: Check the thermostat’s setting

This may sound quite obvious; however, this is a probable reason as to why your furnace is not working. A lot of homeowners do not have their thermostats set correctly.

With that in mind, double-check that your thermostat is set right. For many gas furnaces, the thermostats are usually set physically to “heat”. Give your furnace a minute or two and check whether it’s working properly.

Step 3: Check the circuit breaker

If your efforts are futile and your furnace is still not working, check whether the circuit breaker of your furnace is on. If that is okay, check the whether its fuse has blown out. In addition, you should check whether the primary and secondary panels that supply power to the furnace system are working properly.

If you find that the circuit has tripped or blown, simply reset the circuit breaker or replace the blown out fuse.

Step 4: Check the standing pilot

Modern gas furnaces have standing pilots. Ensure that your pilot is lit and the flame produced is slightly touching the tip of the thermocouple. If not, your thermocouple might need replacement.

If the standing pilot is lit but the furnace burners do not come on, then the problem could be the furnace control board, the gas valve, or the furnace thermostat. This means that you need to seek the services of a professional HVAC contractor in Salt Lake City.

All in all, it is important to note that any furnace, regardless of model or age, may pose serious combustion-related safety hazards. Therefore, it is a good idea to always have a professional to come through for your furnace repairs and suggest the best possible course of action.