Strengthen Your Back with These Physical Activities

Strengthen Your Back with These Physical Activities

Your back has the most important groups of muscles in the body. There are three of them, and they overlap each other. They help support everything you do and are part of every movement you make. The problem is that many of us are not putting them to good use. That leads to stress and pain as your body suffers. To avoid all of these problems, you need to build up your back muscles with the right exercises. Here are some exercises you can do for the best results.

Bird Dog

This simple exercise is a great one for strengthening your lower back. This particular area is essential since it supports most of your back and can be a major source of pain. The bird dog puts specific muscles in your lower back to work in stabilizing your body as you raise leg and arms.

Start the exercise on your hands and knees, with your spine straight. The main movement for this exercise is for you to raise your leg on one side, while the arm on the other side goes up. The result should be one straight line from your raised fingertip to elevated toe. Repeat this for the other side, too. It is simple enough that doctors often include this as one of the exercises for people with scoliosis to use for recovery.


The Superman stretch is a fun exercise that makes you feel like flying. While it looks fun, it is not easy. To do it, you start by lying face down on the exercise mat. Stretch out your hands in front of you, palm facing downwards. The stretch itself makes you raise both hands off the ground, along with your legs. Your back muscles are lifting them off the floor, and you should hold the position for ten seconds, then repeat it. Keep your head looking down and in a neutral area for the best results.

This exercise is a major muscle burner. Your upper and lower back are not the only ones getting a workout. Your glutes and hamstrings are getting a workout, while your core is giving some effort, though.

Inverted Row

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Now to use some equipment. The inverted row only requires you to have a low bar set-up. People will only have to lie flat on the ground under the bar. They then reach out and take hold of the bar. They can then start pulling themselves up. The usual position for the bar is around the chest area.

The movement of the exercise mainly focuses on the upper back muscles and can be very tiring. It also works out your arm muscles better than a simple barbell curl can. Instead of a simple weight, you are using your entire body’s weight to train yourself.

Wall Squats

The squat may seem like it focuses on your leg muscles, but your abdominal and lower back muscles are also putting in some work. For those who are suffering from pain in any of these areas, you can start with a wall squat. This exercise uses the wall as a support while you are doing a basic squat. Simply stand against the wall and lower yourself down as low as you can then return to your starting position. This exercise works the trunk muscles. Stronger trunks provide better body support.

Exercise is always a big help to the body. Working on your back muscles will reduce the source of back pain and even increase your flexibility in the future.