Tactics for Maximising Your Offsite Storage Space in Fabric Structures

Tactics for Maximising Your Offsite Storage Space in Fabric Structures

tModern commercial spaces do not have enough indoor space for the storage of items for business-related activities. Moreover, most business owners are trying as much as possible to keep their premises clutter-free. In both cases, it is essential to get a storage space for your items.

These include the furniture you no longer use but are not as intent on disposing of, items you use infrequently and your inventory. For most businesses, this means renting or buying space in an offsite storage facility.

A fabric structure building might nonetheless be your best choice for offsite storage. Even so, most people assume these structures have insufficient space for their needs and will not offer their stored items as optimal protection as the steel and wooden structures in offsite storage facilities.

Nowadays, however, the fabrics used for these structures are treated in several ways to guarantee an optimal level of protection and security for your stored items. Furthermore, modern structures allow the installation of appliances you might deem essential for maintaining the right environment for your stored items.

The following are some ideas for maximising the available space in a fabric structure for storage.

Optimise Your Aisle Widths

Your available floor space in storage is almost always determined by how well you will optimise your aisles. When you assess your ideal aisle width, consider the machines you might need to move items and the number of people that will be in the structure at a given time.

If you, for instance, will need forklifts for moving the items in storage and a high staff number, your aisle width should accommodate the machines and workers to avoid toppling over other items. You nonetheless should aim to leave just enough space in the aisle to guarantee no storage space is wasted.

Fully Exploit Your Upwards Space

Do not forget your available vertical space. Fabric structures will have varying lengths of vertical space, depending on the type of roof you will choose. A domed roof, for example, might offer more space compared to the parabolic one. Adding more tiers to your storage racks will allow you to exploit your available vertical space.

Consolidate Storage Locations

storage space

If you have several things of the same nature, consider storing them in the same spot. Combining them will allow you to stack the items more effectively and achieve optimal space utilisation. This option also eases the location of your stored items.

Invest In Tunnel Racking

In most cases, the space between storage aisles is under-utilised. To avert this in your structure, convert this space into a usable area with back-to-back racks, a practice known as tunneling your racks. Tunneling increases your storage space by 5-10% though you should also ensure you install netting or decking to avert the falling over of the tunnels.

With the above ideas, even the smallest of fabric structures will guarantee you optimal storage space. Unlike other options, you can move with your fabric structure from place to place. This property also makes it a convenient and inexpensive choice for storage of items in those who handle contracts out of their offices for an extended period like construction companies.