The Best Food and Activities to Enjoy in Your Eid Celebration

The Best Food and Activities to Enjoy in Your Eid Celebration

Eid al-Fitr marks the official end of Ramadan, which means that our spirits have been renewed, and we can celebrate it with a feast. There are lots of flavourful meals we can enjoy after a long period of fasting, and our kids can play plenty of games, too.

Celebrating Eid al-Fitr is important most especially for children who are still learning about their religion. From the traditional food and activities that relate to the teachings of Islam, Eid parties will certainly make your kids understand the significance of Ramadan.

When you host an Eid party in Dubai and other cities, be sure to have only the best food from exceptional catering services. Allow your kids to engage in the festivities by planning interactive and fun games, which you and your adult relatives can enjoy as well.

That said, here are some of the best foods and activities to enjoy in your Eid party:


For starters, kebab will always be a staple in parties. Chicken Seekhkebab has always been a favorite, so make sure to have those in your menu. Include succulent kebabs and galouti kebab in there as well, to have more delectable starter options.

The main course should include another staple, the spread with biryani. You can make a shahi biryani which has mutton pieces in it. And speaking of mutton, the mutton bhuna gosht is also another delicious addition to your Eid spread. Jeera rice, chicken curry dishes, and more mutton dishes should also be present in your main course menu.

Fruit-flavoured drinks are also best enjoyed during an Eid celebration. Badaam sharbat is a healthy and refreshing drink that your family and relatives will surely love. Mango shakes with various toppings and flavour additions like almond flakes and ice cream will be quite appealing to kids and anyone with a sweet tooth.

And for your desserts, sheer khurma is a must. Rose-flavoured sweets are favorite desserts during Eid celebrations, so include those in your menu as well.

Eid Celebration

Activities and Entertainment

Make your Eid party an event to look forward to by making everyone wear their best traditional Islamic attire. Help your kids shop for the most beautiful headscarves, turbans, long dresses, tunics, and robes.

Encourage your kids to make hand-made decorations for the party. It can be as simple as cut-out stars and crescent moons from old magazines and art papers. Add adornments to the decor using glitter or any other colorful material.

If you have young children, gather them around and narrate an Eid story to them. You can also share some trivia and other fun facts about Islam and your country. Excite them by building a little Arabic corner somewhere in the room where they will be seated to listen to your stories and teachings.

Let the teenagers enjoy the party by giving them control over the theme, dress code, and elaborate decorations. Given that teens are always up-to-date with the current trends, your Eid party will surely have the best aesthetics if you let them be responsible for the event styling, no matter how simple that may be.

If you worry about your teens not being excited about the party, you are not alone. All teens go through a phase of wanting to be with their friends more, and they tend to be invested in social media. Instead of restricting them to enjoy these instinctive interests, why not allow them to host their own Eid parties, too? If not, at least invite their friends over for your family’s Eid party. Having their friends around will make them more engaged in the festivities, and it’s also a chance for your relatives and other family members to get to know one another more.

With an unbeatable menu and delightful activities, your Eid celebration will definitely be a blast. Make it a habit to change themes and concepts every year so that your party will always be the most anticipated event for your family, friends, and relatives.