Three Unsinkable Reasons for Swimming

Three Unsinkable Reasons for Swimming

Man swimming in his poolAs of 2017, Australia has over 24 million people. With about 80 % of this population concentrated in the coastal regions of Australia, it is reasonable to believe that swimming is a skill every Australian must have. Apart from its value as a survival and athletic skill, swimming must indeed be learned and practised.

You need not attain the Olympian-level expertise of Ian Thorpe, but you can at least try learning it and learning it well. Here’s why thinks you should learn how to swim:

Heart Health Benefits

Because swimming uses muscle groups of the entire body, it is a great cardiovascular workout. Findings made by an international research collaboration led by The University of Sydney revealed that swimming is one of the most preventive activities against cardiovascular diseases. It further showed that when compared with non-swimmers, the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases was 41 % lower among swimmers.

Notwithstanding this evidence, you should first consult your doctor before swimming as a matter of precaution. Of course, this is mandatory, especially if you have a history of asthma or heart problems.

Water Sports Requirement

For obvious reasons, you need to know how to swim before you can embark on water-based sports. These include surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving, wake-boarding, or water polo.


If you have the resources, you might want to invest in a swimming pool for your own home. Here you will enjoy the enjoyment, convenience, and pride of owning a ‘cool’ house. With some pool makers, you have the luxury of choosing from a variety of pool styles (e.g., kidney-shaped pools, plunge pools, and lap pools). You even have the option of customising the design according to your wishes.

Swimming is not only a survival skill; it is also great for your health and can even be more than a hobby. Go ahead. Be in the swim of things — literally.