Walk-in Bathtubs: Perfect for Disabled Parents

Walk-in Bathtubs: Perfect for Disabled Parents

Woman Taking A BathOne of the must-haves on any household's list is a walk-in bathtub, which will make life with a disabled member easier. Side-opening tubs cancel out heavy lifting, making bath-time fun and more convenient.

About 11% of US children have one or both disabled parents, and more people with disabilities are choosing to be parents and showing that they can raise children just as well as anyone else.

When planning for a new baby, parents with disabilities spend time choosing suspension-free strollers, lightweight car seats, or wheelchair-friendly cribs, but they may not consider what products they need for an older child. A walk-in portable bathtub is one item that a parent would want.

 What is a Walk-In Bathtub?

Walk-in bathtubs for disabled individuals have a side-opening door so that the user may walk in and out without having to climb over the side. Parents with disabilities won’t have to lift their child into the bathtub, which may be impossible or difficult. They can also use the tub when taking a bath.

The water can be set to the perfect temperature to avoid burns and the base of the tub has a built-in anti-slip surface to avoid falls, as well as grab handles for extra security. Bathtubs are portable and easily connect to faucets. This means the tub can be placed in any room with a water supply, for the convenience of the disabled person.

Perks for the Parent

Bathtubs for disabled people are great for moms and dads, too. Some models have a soothing color therapy mode to bathe by artificial candle light, a jacuzzi option, or a therapeutic aromatherapy option for some luxury pampering after a busy day at work or with the kids.

Walk-in bathtubs are a good investment, as they make life easier for disabled people. If you need one at home, look for a reputable supplier to ensure the quality of the product.