Ways You Can Attract Customers into Your Cafe

Ways You Can Attract Customers into Your Cafe

When we talk about the best ways to attract customers into a business, we often talk about only the most obvious: paid advertising. Yet the way you set up your shop goes a long way in attracting customers. Each person who steps into your shop enticed by your beautiful deli counter display or delicious stack of macaroons is a potential returning customer for you. Always decorate your cafe for visibility, especially from outside. Here are some tips and tricks to achieve this.

Set up a cute, handmade sign

The reason many people prefer small, local coffee shops to chains is that the former are more personal and have a cosier environment. Make use of this factor by setting up a cute, handmade sign that will intrigue customers to step through those doors. You can have a funny one-liner written on chalkboard to appeal to a wider crowd, or you can have a painted sign with no explanation to attract a more niche and adventurous clientele.

Advertise your selling point on the display

If you have signs on the window or banners outside your cafe, make sure that it clearly advertises your selling point. If you offer coffee for affordable prices, put out some of your best deals on the sign. If you offer a variety of drinks, name-drop some of your most exotic brews. In a tourist area, the selling point might even be the free Wi-Fi that you offer. This is even more important if you are situated in an area that has lots of other cafes. You have to put what you have out there to convince customers to choose your store over the many others.

Make your cafe quirky

quirky cafe

A no-fail way to attract customers into your cafe is to have quirky decor. If you want to be Instagrammable, set up a beautiful flower display on your door or window, or cover your store wall with street art. If you prefer to attract a quieter crowd, you can have a subtle decor trait that differentiates you, such as a poster on the door or a music instrument on the window display.

Invest in good display cabinets

You should never underestimate the power of a good display cabinet. Try to get displays made of wood and glass to give a homey feel. It is better to have a small but crowded display rather than a sparse, metallic one. Colour coding or using different colours appeals to customers from outside. Try to opt for deep, earthy brown or light pastels as these are commonly associated with cafes.

Set up a bike rack

Another unique way to attract customers is to set up a bike rack outside of your cafe. This shows that you are sustainable and keeping up with the times. The colourful rows of bikes themselves will make your spot a place of interest.

A cafe is not only a business. It is also a creative outlet. Go crazy with your unique ideas and make your coffee shop a part of a local landmark.