Three Things to Know Before Moving to Atlanta from NYC

Three Things to Know Before Moving to Atlanta from NYC

High home prices, overpopulated communities, and congested roads comprise some of the reasons more people leave New York City.

If you plan to move into Atlanta, you should expect to pay moving companies for a long-distance relocation. These firms will charge different quotes depending on the coverage of services. You could simply hire a professional for a full-scale transfer from removing furniture to unpacking your items once you reach the destination.

Housing in Atlanta Is Cheaper

Monthly rents for a typical house in Atlanta isn’t only more affordable but also more than 125% cheaper than in NYC. The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the Big Apple usually costs over $2,000, while renting the same property outside the city center costs $1,400. By contrast, you may only pay $900 to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Atlanta’s city center and $700 outside of the city.

The gap between listed home prices in the two cities is more noticeable. The median home price per square meter in Atlanta costs $2,800 compared to almost $8,500 per square meter in NYC. Homes outside of the city center cost $1,200 per square meter in Atlanta and $3,230 in NYC.

Pick the Right Time for Relocation

Summer has been the peak season for moving anywhere in the U.S., especially for families because children are on a school break. However, the convenience of scheduling a move between May and September comes with a price. Moving quotes during this period are more expensive, and several contractors are likely to be unavailable for an urgent relocation.

You can avoid this by scheduling the service at least four weeks away from your target date. Avoid choosing weekends and holidays unless you don’t mind paying extra. The cheapest dates usually fall in Tuesdays or Wednesdays in the middle of a month. Don’t be ashamed to ask for discounts. Many contractors offer lower rates for veterans, people with disabilities, and members of the American Automobile Association.

Handle Packing by Yourself

couple carrying their stuff in boxesAnother way to cut expenses requires you to do some of the work. You can just hire contractors to bring a trailer to your home and move your possessions. Some service providers allow you to pack and load the items within three days. You can save up to 50% of the cost by choosing this option instead of a full-service deal.

The downside, however, requires you to spare time and effort to pack and label items accordingly. Try to collect cardboard boxes at least two weeks before the moving date, or you could start packing items as soon as you call a professional. You don’t even have to buy boxes. Instead, ask around from local retailers and restaurants. Most of these establishments just tear down unused boxes before throwing them away.

Atlanta’s cost of living is more affordable than in New York City, but you need to spend money before experiencing a cheaper lifestyle. Get moving quotes from at least three different professionals before you decide on which service will be the most suitable.