What Men Want: 7 Qualities That They Look For In A Woman

What Men Want: 7 Qualities That They Look For In A Woman

Almost half of the adult population in America is composed of single women. This kinda makes you think not to stay single and start dating. It won’t be easy, but if you know what you look for in a guy, you’ll find your match eventually.

The guy you’re looking for could be among your friends and acquaintances. Or he could be someone you came to know from a matchmaking company, which is popular nowadays. If you want to get his attention, you should know what they look for in a woman:


Girls do not have to wear short dresses and revealing clothes just to get attention. They can stand out in a different way. It’s good if she is sophisticated, elegant, and simple because these features will surely lure guys. A girl must take note of these things: fixing hair, putting on light makeup to emphasize facial features, cleaning nails, and wearing classy, but decent outfits. Being loud and revealing will just turn off the guys. All they need is a good impression that will last.

Physical attraction is good, but girls can also get a guy’s attention by showing her inner beauty. A girl who knows her dreams and goals, and is passionate about it, will surely get the guy. It is true that they look for the outer appearance first, but what’s inside is the most important for them.


Be well-informed. Watching the news, reading books and newspapers, and being updated with the current events can help keep the conversation going. A girl should make an impression that she is someone who cares about what’s happening around her and is a person with her own opinions.

A guy also has some things he can share with the girls. They may not be knowledgeable about the news or girly things, but women can discover more about them. They can learn about cars and some of their hobbies. If a girl openly shows her interest, guys will realize that she is a good listener too.


The beauty that girls have inside will shine through the outside. Being a kind person has always been an admirable thing. They can show it in the little things they do for other people. It shows that they are someone who cares and has mercy to those who are in need.

Girls can invite the guys to some organized charity events too. It is a good opportunity to help other people. And at the same time, know more about each other.


Guys are always looking for something special and unique in a girl. Her dedication to the things she wants to do tells him that he might someday be the subject of her devotion and commitment. She can also help him find his own passion. Or if he already found it, girls can help encourage them to reach for it in the future.


Having a good scent will always be a head-turner regardless of how women look from the outside. They could use something like a baby cologne or a daily scent. They should not go overboard by picking scents that make a person dizzy. Always remember that having a nice smell can also result from practicing proper hygiene.


A girl should know the guy’s circle of friends and introduce hers as well. This will establish a connection between the friendship circles of both parties. She can show how good she is in socializing with other people. This might earn points from his friends too. He will notice that this girl can be a good addition to his life.


couple talking outside

Girls who are open and honest about their feelings build trust in her relationship with the guy. She must tell the guy if she likes him. Honesty is an attractive trait and also saves a guy from guessing what the girl feels for him.

Aside from these qualities, nothing can beat the attitude of being true to yourself. Girls just have to stay who and what they are in every circumstance of life. A man will see through it if they are real or fake. Whatever his personality is, he will be attracted to a girl with a firm foundation of who she is and what she wants to be.