Which Season Is The Best Time To Plant Tree Seedlings?

Which Season Is The Best Time To Plant Tree Seedlings?

The best time to plant trees obviously happens in early spring, but did you know that it’s still possible to do this even after the start of winter?

Home owners in Utah can still plant seedlings in the winter months, as long as they have dug the ground in the fall before the soil has frozen. Otherwise, late winter can be a good time to do this because of the favorable weather ahead of springtime.

What To Do During Winter 

Take note that you have to keep watering plants regularly if you decide to plant trees during winter. You won’t forget to do this with a new sprinkler installation. In Sandy or Salt Lake City, the average cost of installing a sprinkler system ranges between $1,753 and $3,365 for this year. This price covers the cost of installing a system on a ¼-acre residential lawn, so expect prices to be more or less expensive depending on the size of your yard.

Choose a sprinkler system that you can set during specific times of the day to water the planted trees. Despite spending extra, this can be useful if you don’t want to go out especially in cold weather. Since Utah is in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s necessary to determine when to plant trees that are evergreen or deciduous.

Evergreen Vs. Deciduous Plants

Evergreen Plants

Evergreen trees can be planted in late fall since these don’t actively grow in winter compared to other seasons. Evergreens are different from deciduous trees when it comes to dormancy, as the latter shows obvious signs. For instance, deciduous plants shed leaves during fall and this signals the approaching dormancy.

Avoid planting evergreens when the weather is too hot or dry, and be patient because this type of plants can take a long time to bloom unlike deciduous ones. Whether you choose to plant an evergreen or deciduous tree, always check if the plant is in a dormant state. This is the safest time to handle the tree without worrying about disrupting its growth.

Watering Trees

Once you decide to install a sprinkler system, knowing the right time to use it for the plants will be important. In early fall, home owners should stop watering evergreen and deciduous trees. This allows the plants to proceed with a “transitional phase” as autumn takes place.

Deep watering trees will then be necessary before winter arrives and while the soil isn’t frozen yet. First-time gardeners should know the types of trees that they plant. You could identify an evergreen through its leaves that can be needle-like or awl-shaped. Some examples of deciduous trees include aspen, birch and beech.


Early spring and late winter are usually the best times of the year to plant trees, but autumn can be a good season as well for certain tree types. Avoid planting trees during the summer months, since the hot weather can disrupt or even damage the growth of young plants. If you need to install a sprinkler, it’s best to hire a professional to do it for you.