Seven Great-looking Trees to Include in your Landscape

Seven Great-looking Trees to Include in your Landscape

landscape with trees and flowersTrees are a wonderful addition to your landscape, be it on a residential or commercial property. They give gardens and manicured spaces a more natural appeal by adding a new dimension, texture, and color. If you’re looking to give your garden, lawn, pool area, or backyard an upgrade, considering planting trees. Other than adding value to your outdoor aesthetics, trees can also be wonderful sources of shade, flowers, and fruits, depending on the type and species you choose.

Before you go to your local dealer though, know that trees are not created equal. Some are loved for their beautiful and fragrant flowers while others offer an interesting foliage color only during a certain season. According to companies offering tree fertilization in Utah County, some trees need meticulous care and maintenance while others will be just fine even without your TLC.

To help you choose your tree, here’s a short list of some of the best trees you can include in your landscape.


Crabapple trees can be your garden’s centerpiece. They come in different varieties that bear red, pink, and white flowers; and produce interesting fruits of different colors such as red, orange, and burgundy. You’ll surely love its fall color as well. What’s more, it’s resistant to most diseases.

Saucer Magnolia

Saucer Magnolia trees are loved for their large flowers that come in white, purple, and pink colors. They look best during mid- to late spring. While this tree is generally hardy, you must find a species that best suits your climate. Some varieties are highly sensitive to late frosts.

Apple Tree

Never underestimate the gold ol’ Apple Tree. These trees are more than just a producer of sweet and juicy fruits; they are also magnificent bloomers. If you’re not interested in the edible fruits, crabapple can be the better choice, but really who would say no to a supply of fresh apples?

Japanese Maple

If you want a great-looking tree on summer, you’ll never go wrong with Japanese Maple. While this tree is more popular as an autumn tree, it also stays gorgeous during summertime. Japanese Maple’s vibrant leaves will surely stand out as they add a pop of color to your landscaped yard.

beautiful landscape


It’s not always about flowers and foliage. Sometimes you can make a statement by going for trees with interesting barks such as Birch. A great landscape tree, it grows fast and comes in different varieties. The River Birch variety is favored for its wonderful peeling and scaly bark. Due to its size though, most birch trees may not be suitable for small gardens.


Maidenhair tree, also known as Ginkgo Biloba, is another beautiful deciduous tree. It has fan-shaped leaves that turn yellow in fall. It is hardy and grows easily in most regions. While most maidenhair can grow tall, there are dwarf varieties such as the Jade Butterfly that is perfect for gardens.

Fringe Tree

Fringe Tree is a great choice if you’re after a versatile plant that you can use as a large shrub or a small tree. This Eastern North American native tree displays clouds of sweet white flowers in late spring. These blooms turn into blue-purple fruits during autumn. As a bonus, birds love the fringe tree fruits.

There are a lot more tree species to choose from. Learn more about your options by talking to your local nursery or tree care service provider. They can help you choose the best tree for your property’s landscape.