3 Fireplace Upgrades for a Fresh Home Design

3 Fireplace Upgrades for a Fresh Home Design

construction worker measuring fireplaceAsk any American homeowner and they’d say that a fireplace is an important feature that they’re looking for in a home. And often, this architectural element is designed to make it a focal point in a room. See how you can do the same for your home; here are 3 ways.

Upgrade the Fireplace

Fireplace replacement is the most common way to update or upgrade an existing fireplace. Traditional ones are slowly being replaced with systems that have temperature control and temperature sensors, making it a practical upgrade investment for any household. You get the same comforting feel of a traditional log fireplace without having to deal with soot and smoke whenever you use it. You get the same warm vibe but with fresher and cleaner indoor air. It’s also more efficient as it uses a heating element and propane to generate heat. Modern technology offers temperature control and sensors, resulting to a more comfortable temperature inside your home. Some designs also come with remote controllers so you can turn it on and off conveniently. If you’re upgrading your interior look, going for a fresh new fireplace upgrade is the best option for you.

Accessorize It

If you’ve done an upgrade or have just recently replaced your fireplace, adding a few accessories can instantly freshen up the look of your fireside. Never underestimate the transformative power of the a mantel; this small design trick goes a long way and packs a punch. A mantel can immediately liven up an otherwise utilitarian look and make it an interesting focal point in the room.

modern fireplace

You can also give it a different purpose when it’s not being used, like a temporary niche for a basket of books and throw, or a nice little spot for some scented candles during the warmer months. Another simple trick is to put up a screen in front of it; these screens come in different designs and materials, so you can be sure to find one that compliments the overall design of your fireside.

Update the Surround and Hearth

Another quick and easy design trick that we love is updating the surround and the hearth. This can instantly make this portion of your home stand out. Get in touch with a fireplace company so that you can get professional advice and can come up with a design that will blend seamlessly with your home’s current interior look. There are plenty of ways to update these portions of the fireplace and accessorizing it afterwards is the just quite like the cherry on top. This fun and simple to do design update is guaranteed to bring new life to your fireplace and give a fresh new look to the entire space.

So before jumping into a work-intensive and costly home renovation, zone in on the fireplace and see how this quick and easy improvement trick can highlight this architectural element in your home and instantly give your space a more elegant, warm, and welcoming vibe. Get in touch with the pros today to find out how you can update, upgrade, and accessorize your fireplace to give your entire home a fresh interior look.