For More Than 911 Calls: Phone as Breathalyzers

For More Than 911 Calls: Phone as Breathalyzers

smartphoneWith legions of new smartphone accessories and apps hitting the market each day, it is not hard to imagine using them to check whether you are a point or two above the lawful average already. As such, it is also no surprise that most Houston traffic law enforcers and even DWI lawyers are now advocating the use of phone compatible, portable breathalyzers and apps to avoid drunk-driving incidents.

According to David A. Nachtigall, “In addition to the risk of going to jail for up to six months for a first offense, a person convicted of DWI faces license suspensions, surcharges from the Texas Department of Public Safety, and other potentially burdensome restrictions on his or her driving.”

Despite their increasing popularity, however, only a handful of devices and apps are available today, such as:

1. Alcohoot

This fuel cell run device pairs with mobile devices easily via an app. It connects with mobile gadgets running iOS 6.0 and Android 4.0 or higher through the headphone jack. It has breathing ports located on its upper-left corner, as well as a keychain hole on its upper-right corner and a slider for deploying the 3.5mm headphone jack on its bottom. It also comes with eight mouthpieces and a USB charger.

2. BACtrack Mobile

This Bluetooth-enabled device doesn’t need to be connected directly to your phone to determine your blood alcohol concentration or content (BAC) level. It has a plus or minus 0.005 accuracy from the correct lab value. It also comes with three mouthpieces, as well as a USB charger and carrying pouch.

3. Breathometer

This mouthpiece-less device connects to phones via a 3.55mm jack, similar to the Alcohoot. Unlike the other two devices, however, it uses a port, located on its upper-left corner for BAC readings.It is made from a smooth, black plastic, and weighs less than an ounce.

There is no need to wait for a traffic enforcer to pull you over to test your BAC level. With these devices, you can determine if you have imbued more than you need to drive. After all, a night out should never result in imprisonment.


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