Concreting: The 7 Tools You Need

Concreting: The 7 Tools You Need

Builder’s BarrowsHome improvement projects are inevitable. At one point, there would probably be something you want to add or renovate in your home. Some projects, like installing a concrete floor, will call for concreting, so you should know how to do it yourself. Whatever it is you plan on doing, you need the right tools; specifically, these seven:

Builder’s Barrows

The barrows needed for concreting is different from what you use in the garden. Builder’s barrows are generally bigger, which make them suitable for carrying the weight of cement. The inflated rubber tyres are also better than the small metal wheels of garden barrows.

Edging Tool

In some parts of your concreting project, it is necessary to contour the edges and make cross-joints. You can only achieve this when you have the right edging tool for it.


A wooden float comes in handy during the last phase of the project: finishing. This is the tool you will use to flatten the surface.

Screed Board

Right after you pour the concrete, you need to screed it to make it a little smoother. The result would still look rough, but this is something you can address during the finishing phase.


You cannot complete a concreting project without at least one good shovel to use. You will need this to mix the cement with water, as well as when you finally apply the wet concrete to the surface. For concreting projects, recommends square-mouthed shovels.


Yes, wood is not exactly a tool, but it is an important part of concreting. Regardless of the nature of your project, it is essential to have planks of timber to create pegs and guide the formwork. There are different types of formwork, so be sure that you do your homework before proceeding with the concreting project.


You need a trowel when you finally start pouring concrete onto the surface. Consequently, trowels are also useful when you want a finish that is smoother than what the wooden float can achieve.

Before you venture into any concreting project, make sure that you have these at your disposal for a hassle-free DIY experience.


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