Alternatives to Aggression: Activities that Can Assist Troubled Teens

Alternatives to Aggression: Activities that Can Assist Troubled Teens

With negative influences from their society, the fluctuations in their hormones, as well as the struggle with their identity, some kids will tend to be violent upon hitting their teenage years. Yours might be included in that group, and you might be wondering how you could help. It’s still under debate as to which specific factors are ultimately behind it. But what’s good to know is that you can assist them in their time of need by providing them with other channels for their aggression.

Give Them Physical Alternatives

Some teens tend to act out and become violent because they don’t have any other means of expressing their various emotions. One of the options that you can give them is an alternative physical activity that will serve as a way for them to vent as well as a means to become productive. You can let them choose anything from team sports, dance, to martial arts, and then show them your support by purchasing any needed equipment. For example, if they choose to engage in football, then you can provide them with not just the ball but also the necessary safety gear such as a football mouthguard and lip guard.

Encourage Them to Talk

teenager talking in campus

For other teens, why would they need to act out if they had someone to talk to about their troubles in life? Unfortunately, with the way society is set up around them in school and at home, they find it difficult to find someone who won’t resort to judging them after they’ve opened up and made themselves vulnerable. If you’re one of those kinds of individuals that they won’t converse with in fear of judgment, then you can try becoming the person they will talk to. Open your lines of communication and wait for them to say everything that they need to before you express your opinion. You can also connect with various counseling groups set up by different members of the community if you need help.

Open Them Up to Art

It might seem useless at first glance, but producing any kind of art has a soothing effect on troubled individuals, including teens. This is where they can express themselves in ways that go beyond what can be done in the physical realm. Encourage your teen to find an art form that suits them, such as drawing, writing, and singing. Help them find someone who can teach them the basics and guide them toward further learning. You can look for possible teachers in the local area, or you can turn to the Internet and look for lessons there.

These alternatives aren’t just replacements for the violent behavior of teens, but these can also help maintain their health, build their confidence, and make sure that they stay away from decisions that will lead to a bad future. The activities might be done outside home, but everything starts from inside it. You should be around to guide them toward the more productive and positive choices that they can take in life.