How Much Should You Pay to Hire a Property Inspector in Orem?

How Much Should You Pay to Hire a Property Inspector in Orem?

Home inspections in Orem usually become necessary when you plan to buy a house or find the cause of certain problems. The need for a property inspector, however, is more common among home buyers.

You should expect to pay $304 on average to hire a residential property inspector, but the professional rate may range from $275 to $334. The actual price will vary based on the type of inspection. A full-house inspection can be more expensive than just hiring a contractor to inspect the roof.

How to Hire a Home Inspector

While there are many home inspectors in Orem, you can easily choose a contractor by asking several questions. If you want a general house inspection, you need to know the service coverage and exclusions. The service provider must also prove that the required inspection will comply with Utah’s guidelines. It also helps to hire a member of industry groups such as the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors and the National Association of Home Inspectors.

You can also screen a potential contractor by knowing the length of time for completing an inspection. Inspections that take too long can inflate your expenses by increasing the number of required hours. A typical inspection for a stand-alone house shouldn’t take more than three hours, while homes with more than 2,000 square feet can take longer.

Why Not Having a Home Inspection Is a Bad Idea

home inspector infront of the house

Some people think that they can inspect the house themselves and rely on their own eyes to look for major problems. However, it takes more than just looking at cracked concrete and know whether or not it’s caused by a weak foundation. Even if you can correctly identify the cause, you’ll then have to determine if the problem occurred due to water damage, earthquakes or shifting soil.

Home buyers who skip the inspection process may then have to pay for costly repairs in the future. As an example, a damaged foundation may cost up to $10,000 for repairs. Home inspections in Orem can also allow you to negotiate a lower purchase price, especially if the seller doesn’t want to fix certain problems.

Property Inspection for Other Reasons

Even if you don’t plan to buy or sell a house, you may still need to inspect your property for other reasons. You may need it once you plan a home renovation project, which can be a requirement from the local municipality. City officials usually give a certificate of occupancy for approved projects.

Landlords may also need a certificate of habitability and fire inspection to make sure that their properties are safe for tenants. If you plan to update your insurance policy, the insurer will usually do a separate inspection to prevent false insurance claims and determine potential risks or liabilities around the house.


You should consider hiring a full-service home inspector in Orem to avoid dealing with too many contractors. Some companies may be certified to fix problems once they see them, but it might be better to hire a different contractor due to conflict of interest.