Care Techniques to Prolong Your Hair Extensions’ Life Span

Care Techniques to Prolong Your Hair Extensions’ Life Span

Whether it’s because they have a haircut they regret or they simply want to have more length and volume, hair extensions are a part of many people’s lives, primarily women. According to industry statistics, 76 percent of women who wear hair extensions do so because it adds value to their look, which is true. Hair extensions can instantly elevate your hairstyle without the hassle and damage of heating tools and chemical products.

But like your actual hair, extensions need care, too. No matter if they are straight, curly, clip-in, or hand-tied wefts, your hair extensions require proper care and maintenance so that they can last longer and stay looking great even after several uses.

With that said, we listed down several ways to care for your hair extensions below.

Cleaning and Brushing Hair Extensions

Brushing and cleaning your hair extensions are essential steps in keeping them in perfect condition. These steps must be done before you store them for later use.

You don’t need to wash your hair extensions as often as you do your hair since they’re not subject to the oil your scalp produces. Besides, the less you wash your wefts, the longer they will last. It’s up to your judgment on when’s the right time to do it, but a clear indication is when the strands are becoming more difficult to style. Use hydrating conditioners or those free of sulfate and alcohol as these ingredients can make the wefts’ strands drier.

After washing, wait for the wefts to dry, then brush the strands. Avoid combing your extensions while they’re wet because the strands are more susceptible to breaking. You can use a soft bristle brush or a wide-tooth comb, but the best brush for extensions is a looped brush. This kind of brush can easily glide through the strands and will not pull on the strands or snag on tangles.

Also, keep in mind that you must periodically brush your hair extensions while you’re wearing them, not just after washing. That is to prevent the strands from tangling.

Proper Storage of Hair Extensions

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Proper storage is one of the best and simplest ways of keeping your hair extensions in good condition. You can’t simply shove your wefts in a drawer and hope for the best. Fortunately, it only takes a few minutes to store them properly.

If you still have the original box they came in with, you can carefully lay the extensions back in and place the box somewhere it won’t be continuously jostled or exposed to humidity. You can also use other boxes as long as they can be adequately sealed.

If you’re wearing your wefts regularly, extension hangers will be more convenient. Just make sure to hang them away from direct sunlight or moisture. Some hangers also come with bags that can provide an added layer of protection for your wefts.

By taking a few minutes of your day to carry out these hair extension care techniques, you can make your wefts last longer. With a proper care routine, your hair extensions can give you fuller and healthier-looking locks for months on end.