Debunking the Myths About Lash Extensions

Debunking the Myths About Lash Extensions

If you’re growing tired of putting on false eyelashes or applying mascara on your lashes and trying not to sweat for the duration of the day (because that goo on your lashes can melt), maybe you should get lash extensions. Like hair extensions, lash extensions are customizable, from the quality, the length, to the curl of the hair. You can wake up every day looking like you’ve just put on makeup. Doesn’t that feel good already?

You can opt for lash lift training in Utah and get to know more about lash extensions and how they work. If you could watch a stylist applying extensions on another customer, that would be good. It would squash many of the misconceptions that you have heard about lash extensions. You might also sign up for an appointment the moment you see how careful and well-trained stylists are in taking care of people’s natural lashes.

Myth #1: Lash extensions destroy your natural lashes

Extensions absolutely don’t have any effect on your natural lashes. Extensions only enhance them, making them fuller, longer, and curlier. The stylist will prepare your lashes and advise you if the lash extensions that you have chosen are too heavy for your natural lashes to “carry.” It is also important to use the right amount of glue. Well-applied lash extensions can last for eight to 10 weeks. They will fall out naturally, just like your natural lashes.

Myth #2: You cannot wet them

This is confusing. Do you mean to say that you won’t be able to take a shower for eight to 10 weeks? While you cannot wet your lashes in 24 hours after they have been applied, one of the many benefits of extension lashes is that they last through any situation. You can shower, swim, dive, and live your life as normally as possible. Your lashes will stay.

Myth #3: They last for only a few days

The quality of your lash extensions depends on the quality of the material and the service of the stylist. If you choose substandard materials, don’t expect the lashes to be there weeks after. Remember that you get what you pay for.

Myth #6: They are uncomfortable

On the contrary, you won’t even notice that you have lash extensions. They feel natural because they are made of lightweight materials such as silk, mink, and human hair. A professional lash stylist knows what she’s doing. You should never feel pain or any discomfort when the lashes are being applied.

Myth #7: They look unnatural

close up photo of woman's eyes with long lashes and eyebrows

Since these lash extensions are made of natural materials such as silk, mink, and human hair, they look natural. Of course, some people prefer lashes that are ridiculously long and curled that they sometimes look unnatural. We suggest listening to the stylist or technician. She knows best what would look good on you.

Whether your goal is for a glamorous look or a subtle and natural look, lash extensions are definitely a good choice. Instead of spending hours putting on the fake eyelashes and then having to glue them back a couple of hours later, why not invest in a set of natural-looking lash extensions and never worry about putting on mascara ever again?