Design Ideas to Utilize a Small Bathroom’s Space

Design Ideas to Utilize a Small Bathroom’s Space

The downside in most small houses and apartments is the tiny bathroom. Buying fixtures for them can be a struggle and even more so if you’re concerned about aesthetics. Designing a snapshot-worthy bathroom is tricky when there isn’t much allowance for creative freedom.

But you’re not entirely at a disadvantage when you have very little room to work with. In Salt Lake City and other places, you can rely on bathroom remodeling experts to have the area in your tiny bathroom maximized. Meanwhile, here are some small bathroom design ideas to help you picture your desired results:

1. Place Your Sink in the Corner

Installing your sink in the corner instead of beside or across the toilet or shower can maximize the space. If you’re installing a cabinet under the sink, search for models with a convex surface to truly fit the corner.

2. Omit Shower Doors

Shower doors, especially swing types, can be a waste of space, especially if there’s a fixture beside the shower. You may instead opt for shower curtains or install a glass partition. If you choose the latter, you need a bathtub or a lower shower floor to prevent water from flowing all over your bathroom floors.

3. Use Large Mirrors

bathroom with large mirrorsInstead of using a vanity, consider purchasing a mirror that takes up a considerable portion of the wall. Mirrors are a fail-safe way to trick the eye! They give the impression that the bathroom is bigger than its real size.

4. Install a Narrow Wall-Mounted Faucet

If you want to save as much floor space as possible, mount your fixtures to the wall. A narrow wall-mounted sink leaves a wider walkway, making your bathroom less cramped.

5. Consider Rounded Fixtures

Sharp edges in a limited space can hurt the users when they accidentally bump on them. To prevent this minor inconvenience, consider using a rounded fixture, like a vanity, for example. The softer look is also a perfect opposite of the imposing appearance of sharp edges.

Small Bathroom Theme Ideas

To make your small bathroom even more appealing, implementing a theme for it can be a solution. Both minimalist and bold designs fit a small bathroom. Here are some of the best ideas worth picking:

1. Hand-Painted Vintage Theme

Hand-painting the details of your bathroom walls will make it one-of-a-kind. Coupled with vintage-looking fixtures, it can impress your guests, prompting them to take bathroom mirror selfies and proudly post it on their social media pages.

2. Tropical Theme

Search for wallpapers with palm tree prints to make a tropical paradise in your bathroom. It’s simple yet playful, and it radiates personality.

3. Coastal Theme

If you love the beach, why not bring some of its beauty into your bathroom? Use wallpapers with seashell prints and display beach-related accents. Consider a black-and-white coastal theme if you want to expand visual space.

4. Ultra Minimalist Theme

If you’re dead set on sticking to whites to using as a little amount of decor as possible, an ultra-minimalist theme is perfect for you. Picture stark white flooring and walls, thin faucets, white marble countertops, and a statement plant (purely greens, preferably). Nothing but this theme highlights the saying “less is more.”

5. Mid-Century Modern Theme

A semi-minimalist approach is a mid-century modern theme. Pair your white walls with a dark-colored flooring. Use large mirrors with thin frames, mid-century light fixtures, and wood patterns on the counters. The presence of more colors adds depth to the small space.

From using any of these five design ideas and five┬átheme ideas, your bathroom remodeling project will yield desirable results. Don’t hesitate to receive advice from professionals to be sure that your imagined outcome is feasible in your bathroom.