For Hunting Novices: Things to Keep in Mind

For Hunting Novices: Things to Keep in Mind

hunting noviceWhile you can spend years depending on pre-packed fare, there’s a big chance that the food supply will run out eventually. If ever that time comes, you have to release your survivalist instinct to find food. You need to be self-reliant. And by that, it means you should hunt.

Hunting may have started out as a basic activity for survival, but it’s become an exciting avocation. For those who have an ardent passion for the outdoors, this is an excellent activity to pursue. Beginners, however, may find tracking and using a weapon a bit unnerving. Whatever game you’re trying to catch, here are some of the things you need to keep in mind:

Tools of the Trade

Determine which tool you’re comfortable using. There is a wide selection of tools to choose from. If you’re aiming for a fast kill, firearms should be your choice. You can choose from rifles and shotguns. If you want a subtle and silent approach, you can never go wrong with bows and arrows.

Your weapon of choice should depend on the game you want to catch. For smaller targets, like birds, you can use handguns. Use bow and arrow, powerheads, or shotguns for bigger targets. When using these weapons, keep your hearing safe with protection instruments from the likes of

The Basic Skills

The first thing you need to do avoid getting noticed. Keep noise to a minimum when tracking and wear clothes that blend with the surroundings. Tread paths with less dry leaves and branches.

Mask your natural scent. Do not use scented shampoo, soap, and deodorant. Wash your clothes with scent-free detergent. You may think of skipping bath to rid yourself of these things, but keep in mind that your targets may trace a hint of your body odor.

Knowing Your “Game”

Your target animals have habits. Deer, for instance, often eat, drink, and wander the same areas at the same periods or intervals. Your success rate will be higher if you take notice of your game’s behaviors. Record what they’re doing at your first attempts with the use of a camera.

These are only some of the things to put in your list. Be sure to get a hunting license before becoming part of a hunting party.


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