3 Ground-Breaking Portable Printer Technologies and Designs

3 Ground-Breaking Portable Printer Technologies and Designs

Portable PrinterThe concept of portable printers inspired manufacturers to come up with their own versions of mobile and lightweight printing devices. The crusade toward portability resulted to the birth of three ground-breaking concepts.

Zero-Ink Pocket Printers

Zero-ink printing technology is the most undisputed advancement in the technological world. Regarded as the father of mobile printers, this technology eliminates the need for bulky equipment.

Its dye crystals remain colourless until exposed to heat, which produces colours on the printed material. Arrays of camera and phone printers that deliver vibrant shades similar to the unprinted original form use this technology.

Tube-Like Mobile Printer

It would be nice to have printers you can use whenever you need them. There are already mobile label printers to do this and according to Brady South Asia, you get what you want on demand.
Tube-like mobile printers also offer on demand services. They save space and let users organize their computer setup with ease. You embed this printer behind the laptop monitor and use it whenever needed.

They come with special attachments that secure the entire printer body in place. Power it up through a USB cable connected to a computer.

Since this printer is an attachable device, it doesn’t have a paper tray for storing paper. It will, however, work as an effective mobile printer for entrepreneurs and employees who need their documents printed on the go.

IPhone Printer Case

This accessory may be the solution for printing woes that come with taking photos using a mobile phone. Looking like an iPhone dock, the accessory has an on-board printer and paper tray; it gives regular mobile phone devices Polaroid features.

Users can take the photo or select an existing image they want to print. Out slides the printed mini photo. Aside from photos, this printer can also print small maps and QR codes with the same quality as printed mini photos.

More companies are coming up with portable printer solutions. They may work for a specific market or user, but they are positive signs of technology advancement.


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