When to Use Above Ground Storage Tanks

When to Use Above Ground Storage Tanks

Blue plastic water tankIn the United States, approximately half of the population relies on underground drinking water. When choosing whether to use an underground storage tank or an above ground one, safety is a major concern. Both underground and above ground storage tanks are used for storing hazardous liquid materials, such as oil and gasoline. Any leak may affect the quality of groundwater.

Above ground storage tanks (ASTs) have become more popular because they pose less risk of spillage than the underground ones. But there are more benefits to using an AST. Read on to learn about them.

Longer Lifespan

While all storage tanks will at one point corrode and need replacement, underground storage tanks are more prone to corrosion. Factors such as moisture in the soil, acidity, and certain types of backfill all contribute to faster corrosion of underground tanks. These factors have little effect on an above ground storage tank, making it last longer.

You can detect leaks early

With ASTs, visual inspection is possible. You’ll quickly detect damage and corrosion and address repairs before spills and leaks occur. With USTs, business owners and homeowners only catch the leaks when the ground gets damp with oil or emits foul smells. Unfortunately, at this point, significant contamination has already taken place.

Easy access for replacement

Just as they are easy to access for inspections, ASTs are easy to replace. This benefit is especially important for commercial properties. As businesses expand, their demand for fuel increases and the replacing smaller storage tanks with bigger ones becomes inevitable. Should the business changes location, transporting an above ground storage tank is easier; it comes at no costs of excavation, backfilling and landscape restoration.

Your choice of fuel storage tank depends on your needs and the requirements of your premises. If you wish to store large volumes of liquid materials, an underground tank would be a better choice since they are less susceptible to fire and explosions.