It’s All in the Listings: Making Organic Listings Work

It’s All in the Listings: Making Organic Listings Work

Effective Organic ListingsRunning a business in this day and age calls for going beyond traditions, especially in terms of marketing. As a result, looking into the best SEO and social media practices is now part of the daily routine.

Keeping up with digital marketing means loading up on your Panda and Penguin knowledge plus other ways to boost up the search rankings. Some entrepreneurs, however, get too invested and end up with black hat tactics.

Don’t be one of them. Instead of biting into temptation, pause and review the basics of organic SERP listings.

According to SEO Reseller Program, many businesses and digital marketers overlook the link between click-through rates (CTRs) and organic listings. The reputable SEO reseller also adds that rank improvement efforts will go to waste if the listing is not compelling.

So, what can you do?

Determine Pages with Low CTRs

Start by identifying pages that receive low click-through rates. Go to Google Analytics and click on the following: Acquisition > Search Console > Landing Pages. Export the data into an Excel or CSV document. Sort pages according to their positions: high position, low average position, and relatively low CTR position.

Explore Other Title Tag Expansion Opportunities

When it comes to increasing CTR, improving a page title’s effectiveness is one of your best bets. In 2014, Google changed the title tag limit by using pixel lengths as the basis (estimation: 512px), which resulted in plenty of title tag reductions. Marketers and SEO experts rejoiced when the search engine expanded the limit to 600px.

Don’t let the increased space go to waste. Make the most of the 17% increase by including high priority keywords. Use SERP preview tools to see how the listing will appear on Google and to adhere better to the new title tag standards.

Use Compelling Meta Titles

A page title shouldn’t sound like pages from a boring book; instead, it should captivate readers through compelling wordplay. Customers are all for interesting, intriguing, descriptive, and emotional; otherwise, they’ll get bored.

Prioritize a descriptive and compelling meta description that also complements the title tag statement.

These tricks might seem simple, but you’ll be surprised with the results. Try them out today and be amazed.