Kitchen Cabinet Makeover: How to Get the Perfect Look

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover: How to Get the Perfect Look

Have you ever dreamed of owning a mansion on the hills straight out of a lifestyle magazine? Most likely, yes, but you’ve probably locked it away in your reverie because of financial constraints.

But you actually don’t have to spend millions to achieve your dream house. You can do it piece by piece, upgrading one area at a time, your living room, the dining area, or perhaps the heart of your home, your kitchen.

Cabinets are among the most important fixtures in any kitchen. They can add personality and style to an otherwise boring kitchen. Whether it’s a major makeover or just an upgrade, deciding on what kind of cabinets you want installed is important to ensure you’ll get the best results. Here are four practical tips to remember.

Think of Beauty Without Sacrificing Functionality

Open kitchen design

Before starting your project, it’s important that you have an idea of your desired kitchen layout. Browse through the internet. Most kitchen makeover images online are very picturesque, but some might not be practical in your current setup. Consider elegance but also functionality, organization, and convenience.

If you have a tiny kitchen, for instance, modern minimalist cabinets complete with a pullout for pots and pans might be perfect for you. You can add accents here and there to break the monotony. If you have a big space, go ahead and add a kitchen island with multiple cabinets and drawers for added storage.

Choose a Cabinet Door Design

Cabinets are what brings personality to the kitchen, as they are a permanent fixture, and you can readily use your cabinet doors as accents. Choosing the perfect cabinet doors can make or break your kitchen makeover, so choose what you really want that’s within your price range.

Do you want the concrete, structured look of modern living? Or the homey classic country look? Slabs or wood? Remember that this is your kitchen, and you’ll be using this space for an indefinite number of hours in your lifetime. Make sure it reflects your taste and you feel comfortable with the design.

Print a Picture of Your Desired Layout and Design

Once you find a layout and cabinet door design that you like, print it on paper. Don’t rely on your mental notes. For big projects, you have to put it on paper where you can actually see all details and write down notes if you need to make adjustments or additions.

Do you want cabinets on a single wall, a double galley, or an L-shaped layout? Stained glass cabinet doors or the classic cherry wood with decorative edges? Navy blue cabinets on white walls? Print it on paper!

Get a Good Cabinet Maker


While you can practically do a kitchen makeover yourself and save loads of money, sometimes it’s more practical to employ the services of a cabinet maker. They can guide you when deciding what type of material is best for your chosen design or the kind of finish to make it stand out. They also always know where to look for the best bargain for the materials in Salt Lake City.

Doing a kitchen makeover or upgrade can be both exhilarating and terrifying. The key is knowing what you really want and planning the project thoroughly. But whether you do it yourself or get the services of a good cabinet maker, the important thing is you enjoy the ride to realizing your dream kitchen on your way to getting your dream house.