Getting Oral Implants in the Republic of Ireland

Getting Oral Implants in the Republic of Ireland

As many clinics are starting to get back to normal, they are thinking of coming back stronger and better. Things like dental work that has languished on the back burner can now be a serious consideration, with non-emergency reconstruction like replacing lost teeth among them.

How implants work

One of the most extensive forms of reconstruction involves the dental implantation of teeth that need to be replaced. This can be with two residual components, even if the socket has long since closed. The procedure involves an artificial root made from titanium being inserted into the jawbone; after the new bone has grown around it, it can then be loaded with an oral prosthetic. In the case of single implants, this is a crown-like prosthetic that can be attached to the titanium root using a locking mechanism.

This allows the fitting procedure to occur in two parts, allowing the implant to fully establish itself before having to deal with the stresses that occur with eating, which could otherwise easily misalign or twist the implant in place or even inhibit the growth of new bone entirely.

If you’re already considering oral implants, you probably know why and are trying to weigh up where? It can be very tempting to get cheaper treatments abroad.

Implants abroad

The common locations for “holiday” treatment are Turkey or Eastern Europe, which have some of the lowest treatment costs with convenient travel options from the UK. It can be easy to assume the standard of dental care is universal, but this is simply not true and, in many ways, is the consequence of living with a very well regulated healthcare industry.

The optimum implanting process takes place over two sessions, with 4 to 12 months in between each session. So, it could be a challenge for most to spend that quantity of time overseas; this leads to many providers compressing the healing time and carrying out a second procedure prematurely.

The Irish option

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The Republic of Ireland can be an excellent location for oral implants for UK residents. Not only is travel visa-free and uncomplicated, but it can also often be simple to have the first procedure on a weekend or even day trip and the second procedure appropriately timed in a second trip without incurring prohibitively high travel costs. The standards and legislative procedures of Ireland are comparable to those of the UK, and although its socialised healthcare system is different to the private healthcare of Ireland, the results are often on-par with each other, with many excellent providers like dental implants Navan operating closely with regional hospitals.

How to fix implants that are going wrong?

It is NHS policy to provide extractions only in the event of misaligned or poorly performed implantation. This can create a very difficult situation of having to spend more money long-term than you initially expected to in your attempt to save your teeth. The UK and Republic of Ireland have regulatory bodies to ensure standards and give you the pathway to compensation in the event of negligent work.