The Press Release isn’t Dead Yet. Here’s Why

The Press Release isn’t Dead Yet. Here’s Why

NewspaperSome ad agencies are making a case out of the notion that press releases are dead. With the emergence of social media, particularly Twitter, the society believes these round-the-clock sources produce newsworthy items just traditional press releases.

Press releases are as good as a traditional print advertising tool. But, no matter how old it is, it still provides advantages that modern advertisements cannot. According to full-service advertising company, using it as part of your marketing strategy can still yield adequate results.

Gives Business More Legitimacy

Unlike most modern approaches, sending out press releases makes your company look legitimate and sophisticated. This is because the copy imitates the writing style of news, providing answers to the five W’s and one H of your enterprise story. Most press releases are at least a page-and-a-half long and they contain brief and declarative sentences, far from the hyperbole-heavy paid ad and marketing copies.

Creates a Consistent Flow of News

Press releases aren’t a one-and-done type of advertisement. You can use it to distribute subsequent announcements, such as technology advancements, third-party endorsements, and new hires, among many others. This is an effective tool in keeping subscribers updated to your latest developments.

Avoids the Clutter in Online Platforms

The Internet and social media contain almost everything from almost everyone. If you really want to reach a certain target market to relay information, then resort to press releases. This ensures that your copy reaches its destination. Too much clutter on emails makes people tend to overlook some of them.

Reaches Different Audiences

Reporters, editors, and producers are the main targets of press release. However, the ad copies are not limited to these professionals, as you can also send them to independent organizations, local charities, government agencies, and other secondary or tertiary audiences that can benefit from your offerings.

Good entrepreneurs effectively integrate new marketing approaches to their business. But, smart business people have an ability to make something out of what seems to be useless for many.