West Melbourne: Best Reasons to Be Part of the Community

West Melbourne: Best Reasons to Be Part of the Community

Aerial shot of Melbourne at nightWest Melbourne, Victoria, is a great area to consider when looking for a new home. It offers an incredible mix of traditional and new housing options for families of different sizes and needs. It is a prime location with a range of house and land packages to suit various budgets and preferences.

Above all, West Melbourne gives you a place to belong while enjoying a good life. In fact, Melbourne, in general, has ranked first in the list of the world’s most liveable cities for the past seven years.

This year, the same index revealed the city has become even more liveable. Its west section is no stranger to the many developments in the entire city. Here are some of the best reasons this inner Melbourne suburb makes a perfect place to move to.

Dynamic residential area

West Melbourne is home to a colourful mix of people, making it a melting pot of cultures. Its streetscapes and architecture are known for their unique heritage value.

While most people look at the suburb as a rural location, it is rapidly gaining popularity as a residential hub because of the various developments particularly in areas near and around the city proper.

The community keeps growing, making the area more vibrant and the West Melbourne real estate industry more prosperous than ever.

Rich commercial area

West Melbourne’s industrial area is a key location for busy, working people. The area is conveniently located near the central business district and the metropolitan region. There are plenty of career and business opportunities there.

People who travel a lot have quick access to the airport, the Victorian road network and the Port of Melbourne. The suburb is also home to the famous Melbourne Markets. This is where you can see the vast fruit, vegetable and fish markets, as well as the National Flower Centre.

These are only some of the things that make West Melbourne a good place to live in. Explore its prime residential locations to see for yourself so you can be part of the community while enjoying the life you deserve.