Winter is Coming: On Caravan Care

Winter is Coming: On Caravan Care

Well-Maintained Family Caravan Winter is fast approaching and there is nothing better than staying warm indoors during these cold months. If you’ve been on the road this year, touring with your family with a caravan in tow, then for sure, you’re planning to do the same next year.

While you’re letting your RV rest for the next few months, is there anything special you need to do to keep it warm as well? shares a few tips for keeping your RV in good condition as winter closes in.


If you’re one to collect knick-knacks from your trips over the course of the year, make sure to take all of those out when you’re putting the RV in storage. Apart from this, take upholstery, beddings, and cushions with you as well, as these may accumulate dust and moisture over the course of the season.

All cupboards, refrigerators, and freezers should be empty by the time you put the vehicle in for storage. When springtime comes, you’ll be returning to an empty caravan, as clean as the day you bought it. Clean these and leave the doors ajar to allow air to circulate and prevent odor buildup.


Lubricate the window seals to prevent them from sticking together when you open them the next time you use the RV. Make sure that you close all windows and vents to prevent moisture from entering your vehicle, but don’t completely block the vents or else the air will become stale and worsen the development of damp.

Wash, polish, and coat your vehicle with a winter protective coat so that it’s safe from algae growth and pollutants, making it easier to clean once you start using it again. Although they’re small, you should still protect your hitch by weatherproofing it to prevent wear while it’s in storage.

Water Supply

Make sure that you completely drain the water system of your RV and prevent pressure buildup by leaving the inside taps open. Also, don’t forget to remove the water filter to avoid damages caused by frost and damp.

Gas and Electric Supply

Store gas cylinders in a ventilated location and spray your 12N and 12S plugs with sealing spray.

Once you follow these steps, your RV is ready for storage. Now, you don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the season, as it’ll be okay the next time you head out for a family trip in the springtime.