Yes, Plumbers Need Mathematics, Too

Yes, Plumbers Need Mathematics, Too

plumber equipmentWhat do you know about plumbing? Surely, that it’s a hands-on career. You also probably know that physical strength tops all other qualifications. Flexibility, manual dexterity, and labor are also non-negotiables when it comes to this industry.

But did you know mathematics is as important as strength in plumbers?

Yes, you read it right. A good and skilled plumber who knows his craft inside and out is someone who knows how to work with angles, areas and volumes. The kind of math they apply in their day-to-day projects range from basic arithmetic to geometry and hydraulics.

Basic Arithmetic

Plumbers are easy to find nowadays, but good plumbers aren’t. Hear it from the experts of, who say online reviews and client testimonials can definitely lead you to plumbers who not only know what they are told, but also know their fractions and decimal conversions.

Although primarily a practical task, fixing pipes still require taking measurements to determine pipe lengths, material volumes and converting numbers to fractions, or fractions to decimals, or vice versa. Precise calculations matter when it comes to pipelines that hold the house together.

Geometry and Hydraulics

 More than simple arithmetic, knowledge in geometry is an important asset for those who excel in the plumbing career. It takes guts and gusto in geometry to do get plumbing tasks such as calculating the measurements of three-dimensional objects or determining the volume of water tanks done efficiently.

In relation to water tanks, basic hydraulics is also crucial in properly measuring and controlling the tremendous force in water under pressure. A simple miscalculation can lead to a mishap that could very well get the house under water.

Well-trained plumbers are supposed to be equipped with basic knowledge in these branches of mathematics and physics to do their job and to do it well. As a profession that relies in precision, plumbing is definitely a science as well as a craft.




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