Body of an Angel: 3 Fitness Secrets You’ll Learn from Victoria’s Secret Models

Body of an Angel: 3 Fitness Secrets You’ll Learn from Victoria’s Secret Models

modelIt’s no secret that Victoria’s Secret models, such as Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio, have amazing, if not perfect bodies. After all, part of their job is to look like that all the time. We can all agree to that, but there’s no need to feel disappointed.

Even if your legs might never look like Behati Prinsloo’s, you can still make the VS girls an inspiration to achieve your fitness goals. Have no worry, as their shape is actually attainable.

Here’s what aspiring models like you can learn from Victoria’s Secret angels:

Create a Motivating Playlist

Whether you are going for a morning run, hitting the gym or doing yoga, you need to have a list of songs that will inspire you to stay fit. Create a playlist and modify it weekly, so your song selection gets more encouraging every time you workout. RnB and electronic music can be motivating, as they have a great pace so you can move to it.

Go Through Intense Workouts

Having a stunning body takes some serious time. In an interview last year, model Adriana Lima shares that she loves trying many different exercises. She aims to be fit and healthy, so she always strives to find the right workout that would suit her personality. After trying spinning, yoga and aerobics, her latest passion is boxing. If you don’t want to waste every second of free time you have, do something that fits your lifestyle and personality.

Eat Protein

VS models don’t starve themselves. They actually eat every day and sometimes satisfy their cravings. Top model management agencies note that their secret is getting plenty of protein, eating carbs and drinking fruit shakes. Protein allows you to build a stronger body, so you’re ready to try different workouts to optimise results.

Get ready to feel those angel wings and get a head-turning bikini body. Keep these simple tricks in mind if you’re looking to start fulfilling your fitness goals before summer ends.


3 thoughts on “Body of an Angel: 3 Fitness Secrets You’ll Learn from Victoria’s Secret Models

  1. Telling me to buy a weighing scale is one of the most hard-hitting words I’ve ever heard. But, that didn’t stopped me from pursuing my dream to become a promo model. With a no-meat diet and by doing Pilates and cardio exercises, I achieved my desired weight.

  2. For me, I think the most important is surrounding yourself with like-minded people. My friend is a lingerie model, and she told me once that it’s the active lifestyle that has led her to a 124-pound weight.

  3. When it’s lunch and dinner time, I prefer eating brown rice or salad with a side of fruit. With moderation and control, I get to maintain by desired figure.

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