Where Does Stress Come From?

Where Does Stress Come From?

work stressNot many people have any idea what cortisol is, but it’s pretty much the source of all their problems. The most common factor when people start experiencing physical, mental, and emotional pain in their lives is when they have unmitigated levels of stress. Cortisol is a hormone that creates stress in the human body.

According to jollycompoundingpharmacy.com, natural selection wouldn’t keep anything in the genes if people didn’t need it, which means stress is essential, somehow. The most common example for this is the fight or flight response.

When humans are confronted with a difficult situation, they always have a choice: they can either face the problem head-on, or avoid it completely. Cortisol helps the body jump into either one of those options. The only problem is that the body is accustomed to physical dangers as triggers for cortisol.

When a bear in the woods attacks a person, cortisol triggers the release of amino acids such as adrenaline into the muscles and bloodstream for a quick energy boost. When that same person’s boss starts screaming, cortisol does the same thing, except the body has no physical activity to burn the energy off with.

The problem is that in both scenarios, the brain senses danger, or a situation it doesn’t want to be in. If the body has nothing to spend that extra energy on, it begins a catabolic reaction in the body. This is the destructive phase in the life of a cell wherein the prolonged process results in muscle weakness, loss in bone density, and immune system depression.

This is another example of how society is growing too fast for bodies to catch up on the proper ways to cope with these problems. It’s up to everyone to keep an eye on their health, and make sure that something they need doesn’t turn into something that will kill them.


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