Choosing the Right Type of Moissante Earring Studs for You

Moissante Earring StudsWhen looking for moissanite earrings, there are a few things that you need to consider, which can spell the difference between buying an awesome piece of jewelry and falling prey to a scheming, unscrupulous businessman. Here are some tips to keep in mind.


The price of moissanite earring studs and other jewelry pieces depends on the gem’s carat and the type of setting used. Typically, every piece of jewelry is handcrafted only after the order is placed.


You can buy moissanite in various colors – white, gray, green, or yellow, with rarer ones in pink or green. Take some time to match the gem with your personal preferences or for the particular outfit you plan to wear the jewelry with.


Cut is another essential element, apart from the color, that you must pay particular attention to when shopping for jewelry. Various types of cuts are used to give a gemstone a specific appearance that will enhance its natural characteristics. The most popular cuts include the cushion, princess, marquise, pear, and round. Bear in mind that the stone’s cut not only affects its visual properties, but its overall aesthetics as well. Likewise, it has a bearing on the jewelry piece as a whole.


The setting of moissanite earring studs is usually more important than the gemstone that is set on it. Notice how people first notice the setting and almost ignore the stone that it is studded with? Thus, it is advisable that you first go for the type of setting that is best suited for you and your lifestyle. You may want to have discreet mountings or you may prefer an impressive setting that will match the value of the gem, says an expert from

When buying moissanite jewelry such as earring studs or pendants, it is important to take a few things into consideration that will help make sure you will go home with the piece of jewelry that is perfect for you.