These Five Interior Design Hacks Will Give You Topnotch Style and Comfort

These Five Interior Design Hacks Will Give You Topnotch Style and Comfort

Interior design is not just grabbing a handful of decors and setting up whatever comes to mind. It is formal training among people who intend to use the elements of aesthetics and style for comfort, efficiency, and functionality of spaces. Therefore, it involves space planning, architecture, and furniture design. Understanding the essentials of interior design that your home needs can help you create a cozy and pleasant living space.

Here are the essentials for a comfortable and stylish living space:

1. Function.

You should never sacrifice functionality for the purpose of aesthetics. A living space should serve its initial purpose before it aims for style and aesthetics. Consider the people who will use the room and how frequently and how long will they stay in that area. Also, determine how they will use it based on the expected activities that space would accommodate. Once you are certain of these things, you can easily point out the function that the living space should serve. Satisfy that functionality before focusing on the design.

2. Color.

Color is a powerful element in interior design. It can affect space perception, texture, patterns, and even the overall mood that a room exudes. Professionals usually follow the three-color principle that uses one neutral color and two accent colors.

Since wall colors serve as background, they are commonly muted, pale, or neutral shades to complement exterior weather and create a relaxing, harmonious, and peaceful atmosphere. Bright and expressive colors are best used for accents to emphasize and accentuate details. Contrast can also create a dynamic vibe. Also, light colors can create illusions of larger and cooler space perception, while dark colors create smaller and warmer perception.

3. Texture and pattern.

Texture and patterns complement colors in creating style and pleasant aesthetics. They provide sensibility and depth on the two-dimensional effect of colors. The repetition and changes in patterns and texture can help put together or break details, resulting in unity and variation, respectively.

Though colors may vary per room, texture and patterns can be adopted minimally to create a thematic effect altogether, and while texture and pattern benefit the interiors, too many dominant patterns can be confusing. Choose one pattern that could recur in minor details and use texture to apply variation.

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4. Lighting.

There are three types of lighting that you should include when designing your living space: task lighting, accent lighting, and mood lighting. Task lighting meets the function of light, which is to provide necessary illumination, like when you need proper lighting to move around the house. Accent lighting is to accentuate and emphasize details of the interior for style, depth, and texture. It works with colors and patterns since lighting can affect colors and space perception.

Lastly, mood lighting is used to achieve an ambiance that the designer wants to meet. Layered lighting that uses varying fixtures and light intensity is a great way to manipulate mood through lighting.

Aside from artificial lighting, natural lighting can also be used to save energy during the daytime. Proper manipulation of natural light can be done using curtains, window film, blinds, and glass windows and doors.

5. Space

Layout and furnishing. The space of your home and the furnishings that you have matters in interior design since they can affect the functionality and comfort that a room could provide. Most living spaces now are small that they need a well-thought-out layout to maximize every inch of their home. When planned properly, the interior will be able to serve its function without limiting mobility and ease. Choosing the furniture that fits and does not hinder the usual traffic patterns can also help.

These are the essentials that should look into when creating a comfortable and stylish living space. If your home can meet both the functionality and aesthetics you need, it surely is the place you will look forward to at the end of every day.